Iron Post Leadership can help you build an engaged workforce to support your business needs now and in the future.  Using scientifically proven tools and techniques, we can help you optimize performance and achieve business results.


Few things are more important to your business’s success than hiring the right people. Yet employers often rely on screening tools which do little to predict performance on the job. Hiring the best candidate begins with a thorough understanding of the job, requirements for success, and unique business challenges. Scientific review of your existing processes will identify what’s working and what’s not. From there, we can design an efficient, fair process that will help you identify the best candidate for the job every time.


Optimal organizational performance depends upon employees who understand the vision, are fully engaged in execution, are committed to the organization’s success, and can collaborate to deliver results. We can help you monitor and enhance employee engagement, identify drivers of turnover to optimize employee retention, and enhance team and individual performance.


World class organizations understand that building a truly inclusive work environment cannot be achieved by simply sending staff to diversity training.  It starts by eliminating biases within your hiring process, continues by monitoring and adjusting unseen work environment factors, and continues by creating effective teams that build upon a shared focus  to ensure all employees are able to contribute and deliver consistent results. 


Iron Post Leadership can help you identify emerging leaders and prepare them for future roles. Taking a strengths based approach, we will work with you to understand your strategic goals and identify the skills required for success.  From there, we can identify potential and provide a road map for growth and development to ensure your organization is ready for growth. 


Few would argue with the importance of leadership, but the qualities of a good leader depend greatly upon challenges faced and environmental factors.  Now more than ever, leaders need to be able to adapt by understand their strengths and recognize where previously effective strategies may be less appropriate to meet current challenges. Our assessment and coaching services are always confidential.


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